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Mikael Höglind
Mikael Höglind

Michael Höglind (1968 -) is known from Uddevalla political life where he was chairman of the Child and Education Committee until summer 2009. Michael Höglind was born on August 6, 1968, and grew up in Uddevalla. In 1988 he graduated from high school where he studied natural sciences and engineering.

Michael Höglind can be described as a person with a sharp intellect and a problem-solution mindset. He is engaged in several areas which are reflected in his blogs.

His fields of interest are Israel in the Middle East debate, children’s rights in society, health, and environment.

After he graduated from high school he worked in the security industry with surveillance, as a personal security guard, and with armored transport services 1988–1996.

Höglind started in 1992 his own company Vivestra Fire Protection Ltd in parallel with the political missions. Michael was also half owner of the security company Secunova Ltd and still today the sole owner of Alwico Ltd. He sold his companies Secunova and Vivestra in 2020 to NOHA Sweden where he has a position as technical manager.

Today Mikael Höglind has a family including two sons and his wife Christina.

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